Albino Penis Envy Mushroom

I filled up the pressure cooker with cold water so the water was 2/3 up the side of the jars. I screwed the band down limited and also filled the jars into the Stress Cooker.

Damn i neglected exactly how outrageous this entire procedure really is. I was until 4 am with that pressure cooker last evening.


This strain is best for beginner because it is a really flexible pressure as well as stands up to contamination effectively. In my video I originally stating that I believed the Blue Beast was a member of the Panaeolus genus as well as not a Psilocybe cubensis pressure. However, I later on discovered that both types of mushrooms have the very same common name of Blue Meanie.


This is a leucistic (albino) variation, the spores are difficult to gather as they do not normally go down a spore print meaning Albino penis envy spore print is not readily available. Like its moms and dads, it's extremely potent.


There was quite a bit of actual development going on in several of the containers. They've been colonizing at 80 levels. All jars are contamination free at this moment. I trembled the jars for the first time today.